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We begin with a professional consultation to review your needs and explain our full range of services, including an assessment of your property. We prepare a competitive rental market analysis for you and provide you with recommendations for optimizing rental income and reducing deferred maintenance expenses.

Prior to showing your property we will make sure that all necessary cleaning, repairs and yard work has been performed to keep the property consistent with neighborhood standards.


85% of one month's rent for leasing only or 50% of one month's rent with a Property Management Agreement.

There is no charge for lease renewals with existing tenants.


8% of the rents collected is the standard management fee that will be retained from your monthly disbursement of net proceeds.

There is no advertising fee or set up fee and no fee during vacancy.

Discounts are available for owners with multiple properties.

Management fees include:


After a Property Management Agreement has been executed, we will require the following:

  1. Property Information Sheet completed by owner.  Download
  2. Keys to all doors, gates, mailboxes, garage door openers and alarm codes.
  3. Copy of property insurance policy with A. Meadows Property Management named as Additional Insured.
  4. If there is an existing tenant, a copy of the original rental agreement or terms of verbal agreement and tenant's information and payment history.
  5. IRS-W9  Download
  6. ACH Authorization for Direct Deposit (if elected)  Download
  7. Owner Bill Payment Request - Mortgage account, property tax and insurance bills, and any service contracts if payments are to be made by A. Meadows Property Management. Download
  8. Deed restrictions and disclosures.
  9. HOA C.C. & R.s and rules and contact information.

To get started please fill out our Getting Started Form
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