Asset Preservation and Cash Flow

Rent Collections

Convenient payment options for tenants, including on-line payments and automatic withdrawals, ensure timely rent processing for consistent cash flow. Rent is due on the 1st and is considered late after the 5th. If rent is past due a 3 Day Notice to pay or quit is served to the tenant.

Eviction Coordination

Although our eviction rate is low, our staff is fully trained to coordinate an eviction with an eviction attorney.

Eviction Protection Plan

In the rare instance where a tenant eviction is necessary we offer an Eviction Protection Plan (EPP) to help minimize the costs associated with the eviction.

Rent Loss Coverage Plan

In addition to our Eviction Protection Plan we offer a Rent Loss Coverage Plan (RLC) to help recover the cost of lost rent during the time of the eviction.

Monthly Disbursements

Owners have the option to have net proceeds directly deposited to their bank account or mailed each month. We can make authorized payments directly for mortgage, taxes, insurance, home owner's associations, and maintenance contracts at no additional charge.

Capital Improvements

Our field representative can provide regularly scheduled maintenance inspections of the property for a nominal fee to protect property value.

Yearly Rental Assessment

Ensures maximized income with lease renewals.

Competitive Market Analysis

Our A. Meadows Real Estate team will keep you informed of the changing value of your property and identify investment property opportunities.

Management Fees

The standard management fee for a single family home is 8% of the rents collected. This will be retained from the owner's monthly disbursement of the net proceeds. Owners with multiple properties may receive a group discount.

During periods of vacancy, there are no additional charges, including advertising or setup fees.

Management fees include:

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